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The Old Weavers House, Canterbury

The Old Weavers House in Canterbury stands as a picturesque reminder of the city’s rich history, overlooking the tranquil River Stour. Dating back to the 12th century, this half-timbered building has seen various incarnations over the centuries, including serving as a hub for Flemish and Huguenot weavers who settled in Canterbury during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Today, The Old Weavers House houses a popular restaurant, preserving its historical significance while offering visitors an authentic dining experience. The building’s Grade II listing by English Heritage underscores its importance as a historical landmark.

Visitors to The Old Weavers House can immerse themselves in Canterbury’s past while enjoying genuine British cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere. Reviews on TripAdvisor praise the restaurant’s warm ambiance, delicious food, and attentive staff.

For those seeking an immersive riverside experience, The Old Weavers Restaurant offers a riverside terrace adorned with plants and flowers, providing a tranquil setting by the water’s edge. Additionally, diners have the option to embark on a 40-minute river tour in one of the punting company-owned boats, further enhancing their visit to this historic locale.

Located at 3 St Peter’s St, Canterbury, Kent, England, CT1 2AT, The Old Weavers House invites guests to savor traditional pub food and explore the building’s rich history. The restaurant’s official website provides access to the full menu and allows visitors to book a table in advance.

Exploring Canterbury itself offers a journey through time, with iconic landmarks like Canterbury Cathedral, Westgate Towers, and the Canterbury Roman Museum showcasing the city’s diverse heritage. The city’s medieval streets, vibrant shopping centers, and scenic riverbanks provide ample opportunities for discovery and relaxation.

For entertainment, The Marlowe Theatre offers a diverse array of performances, catering to various tastes and interests. Whether indulging in history, culture, or culinary delights, Canterbury promises a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

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