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The Hobbit House, Chedglow: Grade II Listed

The Hobbit House, also known as Colin’s Barn, located in Chedglow, is a remarkable structure built entirely by hand over the course of 11 years by sheep farmer Colin Stokes. Initially intended as a simple shelter for himself, Stokes’ project gradually evolved into a fantastical castle-like dwelling reminiscent of something from The Lord of the Rings.

Starting with a basic rectangular structure erected using dry-stone techniques, Stokes’ creativity knew no bounds as he continued to expand and embellish the building. Turrets, dovecotes, stained glass windows depicting the seasons and elements crafted by Stokes himself, a spiral staircase, and elegant arches were all added organically, without any pre-drawn plans.

Despite its abandoned state since Stokes moved away in 2000, the Hobbit House remains in remarkably good condition. However, its location on private land, marked by a discouraging sign, makes it challenging for visitors to access. Although many birds, including owls, have made their homes in the turrets and dovecotes, the owner of the nearby quarry prohibits visitors from entering the premises.

Notably, the Hobbit House was granted Grade 2 listed status as a heritage building in England on February 25, 2021. This designation acknowledges its special architectural and historical significance, signifying the importance of preserving this unique and whimsical structure for future generations to appreciate.

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