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Devil’s Bridge, Wales: Three Bridges From Different Centuries

Devil’s Bridge, near Aberystwyth in Wales, is a unique marvel consisting of three bridges constructed atop each other across the River Mynach. Each bridge represents a different era, with the oldest dating back to Norman times, followed by bridges built in the 18th and 20th centuries.

Legend shrouds the origins of Devil’s Bridge, with folklore recounting a deal struck between an old woman and the devil. According to the tale, the devil agreed to build a bridge in exchange for the soul of the first living thing to cross it. However, the clever woman tricked the devil by sending her dog across the bridge first, thereby outwitting him.

The bridge stands as a testament to centuries of history and craftsmanship. The lowest arch, possibly medieval, serves as the foundation for the subsequent additions made in the 18th and 20th centuries. The structure underwent various repairs and enhancements over the years, including the addition of an iron bridge in 1901.

Devil’s Bridge is situated amidst breathtaking natural scenery, with the River Mynach cascading down a steep ravine to meet the River Rheidol. Visitors can explore the surrounding area via scenic trails, including the challenging Nature Trail, which offers stunning views of the 300ft Mynach Waterfalls.

The village of Devil’s Bridge offers additional attractions, including a steam railway and accommodations for those looking to extend their stay. The location has gained recognition through its appearance in popular media, attracting international interest.

Visitors to Devil’s Bridge praise its stunning rock formations, picturesque views, and the unique experience of traversing its bridges. The site welcomes guests during daylight hours, offering admission through a manned kiosk or coin-operated turnstile.

With its rich history, natural beauty, and captivating legends, Devil’s Bridge stands as a must-see destination for travelers exploring the enchanting landscapes of Wales.

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