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Wings Place, Sussex: One Of The Finest Tudor houses In Britain

Wings Place, also known as Anne of Cleves House, stands as a remarkable example of Tudor architecture in Sussex, boasting a rich history and a wealth of original features. This historic property, given to Anne of Cleves by Henry VIII after their annulled marriage in 1540, recently went on the market for £2.25 million.

Featuring five bedrooms spread across three floors, Wings Place retains its Tudor charm with oak staircases, 16th-century fireplaces, and original timber beams. The property also includes three bathrooms and a priest hole, adding to its historical allure.

The house’s original Tudor features, such as open timber beams, brick chimneys, and leaded windows, are complemented by modern amenities like a kitchen with vaulted ceilings and a wall of glazing overlooking the south-facing terrace and garden. Additionally, the large flagstone terrace offers sweeping views of the South Downs, adding to the property’s appeal.

Wings Place was officially listed as a Grade I building in 1952, highlighting its exceptional historical significance. This designation recognizes the property’s architectural importance and its contribution to the heritage of East Sussex.

Henry VIII’s marriage to Anne of Cleves was initially motivated by political considerations, aiming to secure alliances and provide a potential heir. However, the lack of chemistry between the couple, combined with Anne’s unattractiveness to Henry, led to their annulment. Despite the end of their marriage, Anne maintained a comfortable life and remained on good terms with Henry and his children.

Over the years, Wings Place has seen various owners and uses, from being a private members club to accommodating staff quarters and a kitchen. Its rich history, combined with its architectural charm, continues to attract interest from prospective buyers, with the property currently listed for £2.2 million.

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