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Two horses filmed running through streets of London as one is covered in blood

The streets of London were thrown into chaos as two horses were filmed galloping through the city, causing concern among witnesses. Videos circulating online captured the frantic scene, with one of the horses appearing to be covered in a red substance, sparking speculation about its condition.

Witnesses reported seeing the horses running loose along Buckingham Palace Road and in the vicinity of Aldwych and Tower Bridge. The situation prompted authorities to close off roads and deploy efforts to locate the animals, with reports suggesting that up to five horses may have been involved.

The origin of the horses was traced back to the Household Cavalry, where it’s believed they had escaped while being exercised, throwing off their riders in the process. As the search for the horses continued, concerns arose about the safety of both pedestrians and motorists, with at least one soldier reported injured after a spooked horse collided with vehicles.

Emergency services, including the London Ambulance Service and the Army, were mobilized to address the situation. Paramedics responded swiftly to reports of a person being thrown from a horse, indicating the ongoing nature of the incident.

As the story unfolds, details are still emerging, and the exact circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear. However, efforts are underway to safely corral the horses and ensure the well-being of both the animals and the public.

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