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The Golden Fleece: One Of York’s Oldest Pubs

The Golden Fleece stands as a venerable icon among York’s historic pubs, its timeworn facade overlooking the medieval charm of The Shambles, one of the city’s oldest thoroughfares. Stepping into the pub is akin to stepping back in time, with its crooked wooden frame and gravity-defying architecture bearing witness to centuries of history.

Dating back to at least 1503, The Golden Fleece has long been an integral part of York’s cultural tapestry. Originally owned by members of the Merchant Adventurers’ Guild, it traded in fleeces and wool, hence the symbolic golden fleece adorning its entrance. Over the years, the pub has passed through various hands, each leaving their mark on its storied walls.

The inn’s rich history is complemented by its reputation as one of York’s most haunted establishments. Tales of spectral sightings, including the ghostly apparitions of Lady Alice Peckett and the Canadian Airman, add an extra layer of intrigue to its allure. For those seeking an immersive experience, The Golden Fleece offers four uniquely appointed en-suite bedrooms, each steeped in history and charm.

Beyond its ghostly reputation, The Golden Fleece continues to draw patrons with its inviting atmosphere and hearty fare. Reviews on TripAdvisor attest to the pub’s warm hospitality and delicious offerings, making it a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike.

Situated in close proximity to The Shambles, one of York’s most iconic landmarks, The Golden Fleece offers the perfect starting point for exploring the city’s medieval streets. With its cobbled lanes and historic buildings, The Shambles provides a glimpse into York’s rich past, evoking images of bustling markets and bustling crowds.

Whether you’re drawn to The Golden Fleece for its haunted history, charming ambiance, or delectable cuisine, a visit to this iconic pub promises an unforgettable experience. Soak in the atmosphere, indulge in a hearty meal, and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of York’s oldest inn.

If you’re planning a visit to The Golden Fleece, you’ll find it nestled on Pavement Street in the heart of York. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore The Shambles, just steps away, and delve into the rich history of one of England’s most enchanting cities.

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