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The Coach & Horses: 17th Century Pub in London

The Coach and Horses pub in London stands as a quintessential example of the city’s rich pub culture and historic charm. Dating back to the 17th century, this traditional tavern nestled in Mayfair boasts a Tudor exterior adorned with stained glass windows, inviting patrons to step into a bygone era of London pubs.

Originally serving as a coaching inn in the 1770s, the Coach and Horses catered to weary travelers and their horses, offering respite along their journeys. As the need for coaching inns grew with the mobility of the population in the 18th century, pubs like the Coach and Horses became ubiquitous landmarks, marking points where stagecoaches would pause.

Despite its small size, accommodating a maximum of 50 people, the Coach and Horses remains immensely popular among locals and visitors alike. Its warm ambiance, characterized by rustic beams and rich wood paneling, provides a cozy retreat from the bustling streets of Mayfair.

Patrons can delight in sampling four monthly changes of cask ales, showcasing the best of British brewing traditions. And with its dog-friendly policy, the pub warmly welcomes four-legged companions to join in the convivial atmosphere.

Rave reviews on TripAdvisor attest to the pub’s appeal, with customers praising the quality of food, drinks, and attentive service provided by the friendly staff. Open most days from 11 am, the Coach and Horses invites guests to experience its historic charm and hospitality in the heart of Mayfair.

As part of London’s rich pub heritage, the Coach and Horses is a testament to the enduring allure of traditional watering holes. For those interested in exploring more historic pubs, The Prospect of Whitby offers another glimpse into the city’s past, with its Grade II listed status and distinction as one of London’s oldest riverside pubs, dating back to the time of Henry VIII.

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