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The Bridge Tea Rooms: Unchanged Since Victorian Times

The Bridge Tea Rooms in Bradford-on-Avon is a quintessential English experience, offering a taste of history alongside delectable afternoon tea. Nestled along the banks of the River Avon, this charming tea room boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1502, making it one of the oldest tea rooms still operating in England today.

Why Visit the Bridge Tea Rooms?

As a travel and history enthusiast, I’m drawn to the Bridge Tea Rooms for its unique blend of history and culinary delights. Here are 5 must-visits in Bradford-on-Avon that shouldn’t be missed:

  1. The Bridge Tea Rooms:Steep yourself in history and tradition while indulging in a quintessential afternoon tea experience.
  2. The Town Bridge:Capture the postcard-perfect view of Bradford-on-Avon from the iconic 13th-century bridge.
  3. The Avon and Kennet Canal:Embark on a scenic stroll along the towpath, soaking in the beauty of the canal and its surroundings.
  4. Explore Bradford-on-Avon:Discover the town’s rich history and architectural gems, surrounded by picturesque countryside.
  5. Culinary Delights: From cozy cafes to award-winning restaurants, Bradford-on-Avon offers a variety of dining options to tantalize your taste buds.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Bridge Tea Rooms:

  1. What is the history of The Bridge Tea Rooms?

The building housing the tea rooms dates back to 1502, originally built as a single-story cottage. Over the centuries, it has served various purposes, including a tailor’s home, a blacksmith’s workshop, a sweet shop, and an antique shop. Finally, in 1989, it was transformed into the beloved tea room it is today.

  1. Is The Bridge Tea Rooms haunted?

With its long history, rumors swirl about the tea room being haunted. Some customers have reported sightings of a woman in a crinoline dress, and paranormal investigations have yielded unexplained readings. Whether fact or folklore, it adds to the mystique of the tea room.

  1. What kind of food and drinks are served at The Bridge Tea Rooms?

The Bridge Tea Rooms offer a traditional afternoon tea experience, complete with delicate bone china, loose-leaf teas, homemade cakes, pastries, and sandwiches. They also serve lunches and light meals throughout the day.

  1. How do I get to The Bridge Tea Rooms?

The Bridge Tea Rooms are located at 24a Bridge St, Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1B.

  1. Do I need a reservation?

While reservations are recommended, walk-ins may be possible depending on availability.

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