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The Ancient Ram Inn: England’s Most Haunted Building

Staying at The Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge promises an unforgettable experience steeped in history and mystery. As the oldest building in the village, dating back 800 years, it exudes a chilling aura that has made it infamous as the most haunted building in England.

The inn’s ancient charm, with its winding oak staircases, drooping beams, and flagstone floors, sets the stage for encounters with its ghostly residents. From poltergeists to phantoms, the inn is said to be home to around 20 restless spirits, each with its own tale of terror.

One of the most haunted rooms, the Bishop’s Room, is shrouded in darkness and dread. Witnesses have reported encounters with ghostly figures, including a cavalier and two monks, as well as hearing the screams of a man murdered by having his head thrust into the fire.

Yet amidst the eerie atmosphere, there are tales of benevolent spirits, such as the ghost of a 15th-century woman accused of witchcraft, whose presence lingers in what is now known as “The Witch’s Room.” The spirit of a young girl, seen waving from behind a window, and former owners who still haunt the sitting room, add to the inn’s mystique.

For those brave enough to spend the night, The Ancient Ram Inn offers an opportunity to delve into its haunted history firsthand. Ghost hunts, Ouija board sessions, and overnight stays allow visitors to immerse themselves in the paranormal activity that permeates the inn’s ancient walls.

Beyond its ghostly reputation, Wotton-under-Edge boasts a rich tapestry of history and natural beauty. From walks along the Cotswold Way National Trail to visits to the nearby Tyndale Monument and Newark Park, there’s much to explore in this picturesque village.

Whether you’re a skeptic seeking thrills or a history enthusiast drawn to the allure of the past, The Ancient Ram Inn and the surrounding area offer a captivating journey into the unknown. So, would you dare to spend a night at England’s most haunted house during your visit to Wotton-under-Edge?

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