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The Ancient High House: England’s Largest Timber Framed Town House

The Ancient High House stands proudly in Stafford, a testament to Tudor architecture and centuries of English history. Built around 1595 for the affluent Dorrington family, this magnificent timber-framed structure is believed to be the largest surviving town house of its kind in England from the Tudor era.

Over the years, the Ancient High House has witnessed significant events, including a royal visit from King Charles I in 1642, just before the outbreak of the English Civil War. During his stay, the King used the house as his temporary headquarters, conferring with advisers and issuing military orders.

Despite facing the threat of demolition due to needed repairs, the Ancient High House was saved through the efforts of the townsfolk. Funds were raised, and community support rallied behind the preservation of this historic landmark.

Today, the Ancient High House serves as a captivating museum, offering visitors a glimpse into its rich past. Guests can explore themed rooms across three floors, each meticulously curated to immerse visitors in different historical periods. From the Civil War Room, where King Charles I and Prince Rupert once stayed, to the Stuart Bedroom with its magnificent four-poster bed, the house is a treasure trove of historical artifacts and displays.

The museum also houses the Staffordshire Yeomanry Regiment Museum on its attic floor, showcasing the regiment’s illustrious history spanning over 200 years. Visitors can admire a collection of weapons, uniforms, silverware, and equipment, providing insight into the regiment’s service.

With engaging exhibitions, hands-on activities, and a diverse range of events throughout the year, the Ancient High House offers something for visitors of all ages. A ground-floor shop provides an array of gifts, souvenirs, and local crafts, ensuring visitors can take home a piece of Stafford’s history.

Recent visitors have praised the Ancient High House for its immersive experience and informative exhibits, making it a must-visit destination in Stafford. Entry is free, although donations to support the preservation of this historic gem are welcomed.

For those eager to step back in time and explore Stafford’s rich heritage, the Ancient High House awaits at 48 Greengate St, Stafford ST16 2JA.

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