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Sandford Orcas Manor: Haunted House On Sale For £6.5 Million

Sandford Orcas Manor, a Grade 1 listed Dorset Manor House, captivates with its rich history and reputed hauntings. Recently offered for sale for the first time in nearly three centuries, this magnificent estate fetched considerable attention, not only for its architectural splendor but also for its rumored paranormal activity.

Dating back to the 14th century and extensively renovated in the 16th century by Edward Knoyle, the manor boasts exquisite interior stonework, including stunning fireplaces that bear witness to its historical significance. Surrounded by picturesque gardens, formal lawns, and parkland, the estate exudes timeless elegance and charm.

However, it’s the tales of spectral inhabitants that lend an air of mystery to Sandford Orcas Manor. Legend has it that the ghost of a farmer who tragically took his own life centuries ago still roams the premises, his presence witnessed by visitors and even BBC production members. Additionally, reports suggest the presence of numerous other apparitions, including a lady in a red silk dress, a little girl in black, and a malevolent priest, among others.

Perhaps most chilling is the story of a young man confined to the house after a troubled past, whose ghostly cries for release allegedly echo through the corridors on moonlit nights.

Despite its spectral reputation, Sandford Orcas Manor remains an enticing prospect for those with a taste for history and the supernatural. With its recent sale, the storied estate has found new custodians, ready to embrace its heritage and mysteries alike.

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