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Samlesbury Hall, Preston: Grade I Listed Gem Said To Be Haunted

Samlesbury Hall, nestled in Preston, stands as a captivating testament to medieval architecture and storied history, offering visitors a unique journey through time. Originally erected to replace an earlier structure ravaged during the Great Raid of 1322, the hall has witnessed a multitude of transformations over the centuries, from serving as a public house to accommodating a girls’ boarding school.

In 1924, the hall faced the threat of demolition by a building firm with intentions of constructing a housing estate. However, thanks to a collective effort and public subscription, the hall was rescued from impending destruction in 1925 and entrusted to the Samlesbury Hall Trust. Since then, the trust has diligently preserved the hall, welcoming over 50,000 visitors annually to explore its rich tapestry of history and architectural splendor.

From its Tudor priest holes to the Victorian kitchen, Samlesbury Hall beckons with tales of Catholic families, witches, and the haunting presence of Lady Dorothy, whose tragic love story continues to echo through its corridors. Visitors can immerse themselves in the hall’s fascinating past, dine at the award-winning restaurant, and indulge in sweet delights at Britain’s first wafflery, Dottie’s.

However, Samlesbury Hall’s allure extends beyond its historical charm, as it is renowned as one of the most haunted houses in the North West. The spectral presence of Lady Dorothy, perpetually dressed in white, has captivated the imaginations of visitors and paranormal enthusiasts alike. The hall hosts ghost-hunt events and haunted house tours, inviting brave souls to delve into its mysterious realm and perhaps encounter the ethereal Lady Dorothy herself.

For those seeking a luxurious retreat, the Victorian Gatehouse offers opulent accommodation amidst the hall’s picturesque grounds. Recently refurbished to the highest standards, the Gatehouse promises a serene escape with modern amenities and free access to the hall and its enchanting gardens.

Samlesbury Hall has garnered praise from visitors and history enthusiasts alike, with its captivating guided tours and delectable waffles at Dottie’s earning accolades. Whether you’re drawn to its medieval charm, intrigued by its haunted reputation, or simply seeking a memorable experience, Samlesbury Hall promises a journey through time unlike any other.

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