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Roman Baths Of ‘International Significance’ Discovered In Exeter, Devon

In 1971, the ancient city of Exeter revealed a hidden treasure buried beneath its bustling streets – a remarkable set of Roman Baths dating back nearly 2,000 years. Discovered during excavation works for an underground car park, these baths shed light on Exeter’s rich Roman heritage and offer visitors a fascinating glimpse into the past. Today, the story of Exeter’s Roman Baths is intertwined with the city’s vibrant history, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and curious travelers alike.

Why Exeter’s Roman Baths?

Embarking on a journey to Exeter’s Roman Baths is a captivating experience that unveils the secrets of a bygone era. Here are five essential attractions not to be missed when exploring this historic site:

  1. Roman Baths Excavation Site: Delve into the heart of history at the excavation site of Exeter’s Roman Baths, where the remains of this ancient complex lie buried beneath the Cathedral Green. Witness firsthand the architectural marvels and engineering prowess of Roman civilization.
  2. Exeter Cathedral: Marvel at the awe-inspiring grandeur of Exeter Cathedral, a masterpiece of medieval architecture that boasts the longest uninterrupted vaulted ceiling in the world. Explore its intricate carvings, stained glass windows, and climb to the top of the North Tower for panoramic views of the city.
  3. Exeter Roman Wall: Embark on a journey along Exeter’s ancient Roman Wall, which still stands as a testament to the city’s fortified past. Discover the geology of the area and explore the numerous listed buildings and Scheduled Ancient Monuments that line its path.
  4. Old Exe Bridge: Step back in time at Old Exe Bridge, the oldest medieval stone bridge in England with a chapel still intact. Admire its architectural splendor and learn about its rich history, spanning over 800 years of crossings and toll collections.
  5. The House That Moved: Witness a marvel of engineering at The House That Moved, a crooked medieval house relocated to save it from demolition. Explore this historic dwelling, dating back to the 15th century, and marvel at its enduring legacy amidst the modern cityscape.

FAQs about Exeter’s Roman Baths:

  1. What is the history of Exeter’s Roman Baths?
    Discovered in 1971 during excavation works, Exeter’s Roman Baths date back to around AD 60 and represent one of the earliest stone-masonry buildings in Roman Britain. The baths complex showcased advanced heating systems and architectural techniques, highlighting Exeter’s significance in the Roman Empire.
  2. Are the Roman Baths open to the public?
    As of now, the Roman Baths remain buried beneath the Cathedral Green, awaiting possible resurrection for public viewing. However, visitors can explore the excavation site and learn about the baths’ history through interpretive displays and guided tours.
  3. What other attractions are worth visiting in Exeter?
    In addition to the Roman Baths, visitors to Exeter can explore attractions such as Exeter Cathedral, the Roman Wall, Old Exe Bridge, and The House That Moved. Each offers a unique glimpse into the city’s rich heritage and architectural legacy.
  4. What happened to the proposed interpretation center for the Roman Baths?
    Plans for an interpretation center over the Roman Baths were proposed in 2014 but were not realized due to funding constraints. As of now, the baths remain buried beneath the Cathedral Green, awaiting future developments.
  5. How can visitors learn more about Exeter’s Roman history?
    Visitors interested in Exeter’s Roman history can participate in guided tours, visit local museums, and explore archaeological sites across the city. Additionally, ongoing research and excavations continue to uncover new insights into Exeter’s ancient past.

As you traverse the historic streets of Exeter and uncover the remnants of its Roman past, you’ll embark on a journey through time, where ancient civilizations meet modern-day marvels. Whether exploring the hidden depths of the Roman Baths or marveling at the architectural splendor of Exeter Cathedral, the city promises an unforgettable experience steeped in history and heritage. So, come and discover the wonders of Exeter’s Roman Baths, where the echoes of antiquity await your exploration.

Visit Exeter’s Roman Baths: Address: Cathedral Green, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1HS

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