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Luddesdown Court, Kent: 1,000 Year-Old Manor Said to be The Oldest House in England

Exploring History and Elegance: Luddesdown Court in Kent

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Kent, Luddesdown Court stands as a testament to England’s rich architectural heritage, boasting a history that spans over a millennium. This 1,000-year-old manor house, believed to be the oldest in England, has witnessed centuries of royal connections and historical events. The best time to visit this iconic landmark is during the spring or summer months when you can explore its extensive gardens and admire the surrounding natural beauty.

Why Visit and Must-See Spots

Visiting Luddesdown Court offers a rare opportunity to step back in time and immerse oneself in centuries of history and elegance. Here are some spots you shouldn’t miss:

  1. The Great Hall: Admire the grandeur of the Great Hall, adorned with oak beams and featuring striking murals scratched into the plaster, offering insights into the lives of past inhabitants.
  2. Historical Features: Explore the Tudor chimney, Norman fireplace, and the unique Minstrels’ Gallery, each telling a story of the manor’s illustrious past.
  3. Extensive Gardens: Wander through the expansive gardens surrounding the main house, featuring a private walled rose garden, an orchard, and picturesque ponds, offering tranquil retreats amidst breathtaking scenery.


  1. What is the history behind Luddesdown Court?
  • Dating back to the 11th century, Luddesdown Court was once owned by William the Conqueror’s half-brother, Odo, before passing through the hands of various notable figures, including Owain Glyndŵr and Aymer de Valence.
  1. What are some notable architectural features of the manor?
  • The manor boasts a blend of architectural styles, including a Tudor chimney, Norman fireplace, and a Great Hall adorned with oak beams and intricate murals.
  1. Is Luddesdown Court open to the public?
  • No, Luddesdown Court is a private residence and not open to the public. However, its exterior and gardens can be admired from a distance.
  1. What amenities does the property offer?
  • The property features extensive gardens, including a private walled rose garden and an orchard, providing a serene environment for residents to enjoy.
  1. How can one explore Luddesdown Court?
  • While not open for public tours, Luddesdown Court occasionally becomes available for rental. It offers an extraordinary opportunity for couples or families seeking a unique and historic setting for their stay in Kent.

Experience the timeless charm and rich history of Luddesdown Court, where every corner echoes with centuries of stories and royal connections, offering a glimpse into England’s illustrious past.

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