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Last Surviving Example Of A Georgian Bowed Shop Window in Liverpool

As you wander along Wavertree High Street in Liverpool, you’ll chance upon a hidden gem known as Ray Jones’ World of Wood Turning. This unassuming storefront holds a remarkable distinction—it is the sole surviving example of a Georgian bowed shop window in the city. Let’s delve into the history and significance of this architectural treasure.

Ray Jones’ World of Wood Turning:

Ray Jones’ World of Wood Turning has a storied past, having housed various businesses over the years, including a cobbler, saddler, and boot dealer. Today, Raymond Jones, a Knotty Ash native, proudly operates his wood turning enterprise from this historic shopfront. Since 1984, Raymond has been honing his craft and imparting his skills to others, both locally and internationally.

Raymond Jones:

Raymond’s dedication to his craft is evident in his lifelong pursuit of woodworking. With over six decades of experience, he remains passionate about sharing his knowledge through wood turning classes held in his shop. His expertise has transcended borders, with teaching demonstrations conducted in Finland, America, and across the UK.

Restoration and Legacy:

Upon moving to Wavertree High Street in 1984, Raymond meticulously restored the shop front to its former glory. His commitment to preserving this piece of architectural history reflects a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and tradition.

Understanding Georgian Bowed Shop Windows:

A Georgian Bowed Shop Window is a distinctive architectural feature prevalent in buildings from the Georgian era. Characterized by its curved or rounded shape, this window style exudes elegance and sophistication. Beyond aesthetics, the bowed window serves practical purposes, offering enhanced visibility for displaying merchandise and ensuring structural stability.

Architectural Significance:

Georgian bowed shop windows are emblematic of the craftsmanship and attention to detail synonymous with the Georgian period. Adorned with decorative mouldings and intricate details, these windows reflect an era of architectural excellence and innovation.

Liverpool’s last surviving Georgian bowed shop window stands as a testament to the city’s rich architectural heritage. Through the dedication of individuals like Raymond Jones, this historic landmark continues to inspire admiration and awe. As you explore Wavertree High Street, take a moment to appreciate the timeless beauty of this remarkable architectural gem.

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