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Hemingford Grey: One of The Oldest Continuously Inhabited Houses in Britain

Discovering the Timeless Charm of Hemingford Grey Manor

A Historic Gem

Nestled in the picturesque village of Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire, stands Hemingford Grey manor house, a testament to centuries of history and beauty. Dating back to the 1150s, this exquisite manor is among the oldest continuously inhabited houses in Britain, boasting an enduring legacy that spans over 900 years.

Preserving Heritage

Despite the passage of time and various modifications, much of the original structure of the manor house has been meticulously preserved, offering visitors a glimpse into the past. Set within four acres of stunning gardens, the manor welcomes guests to explore its rich history through pre-booked group tours, providing an immersive experience unlike any other.

Tales of Beauty and Romance

The manor’s storied past includes captivating tales of its former inhabitants, such as the illustrious Gunning family, whose daughters Maria and Elizabeth captivated high society with their remarkable beauty and advantageous marriages. Additionally, the tenure of author Lucy Boston, renowned for her “Green Knowe” series, lends an air of literary enchantment to the manor.

A Botanical Haven

Surrounded by a moat and the tranquil River Great Ouse, the manor’s gardens offer a sanctuary of natural splendor. From hidden gardens adorned with majestic yews and cherry trees to sprawling herbaceous borders teeming with scented blooms, the garden exudes an aura of serene tranquility, inviting visitors to wander and explore at their leisure.

A Journey Through Time

For enthusiasts of literature and history alike, a visit to Hemingford Grey manor is akin to stepping into the pages of a beloved storybook. From the magical ambiance of Lucy Boston’s novels to the exquisite patchworks crafted during winter evenings, every corner of the manor holds a treasure trove of memories and wonders waiting to be discovered.

Enchanting Experiences

With glowing reviews on TripAdvisor and accolades from visitors worldwide, Hemingford Grey manor promises a truly unforgettable experience for guests of all ages. Whether captivated by the allure of its literary connections or enchanted by its timeless beauty, a visit to this historic gem is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Embark on Your Journey

To embark on your own adventure to Hemingford Grey manor, simply follow the winding roads to Norman Ct, Hemingford Grey, Huntingdon PE28 9BN. Prepare to be swept away by the charm and history of one of Britain’s most cherished treasures.

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