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Devizes Castle, Wiltshire: Owned By Generations Of Royals

Devizes Castle, a Grade I listed historical landmark in Wiltshire, has recently been put up for sale for £3.25 million. This magnificent castle boasts a rich history, having been in royal ownership for over 500 years and once serving as the residence of several English kings.

Originally built around 1080 by Bishop Osmund of Salisbury, Devizes Castle gained prominence as a royal residence during the reign of King Henry I. Over the centuries, it hosted various monarchs, including King John, Henry III, and Edward I. Henry VIII notably gifted the castle to his wife, Catherine of Aragon, although he later reclaimed it following their divorce.

Despite its royal associations, Devizes Castle suffered significant damage during the 17th-century Civil War between King and Parliament. However, it was later reconstructed in the 1830s by renowned architect H.E. Goodridge, who preserved its historical charm while incorporating modern amenities.

Today, Devizes Castle stands as an exceptional example of medieval architecture, featuring stone mullioned windows, stone archways, impressive fireplaces, and charming spiral staircases. The castle’s formal reception rooms seamlessly blend with more informal living spaces, making it ideal for both family living and entertaining.

Surrounded by beautiful gardens enclosed by the castle’s ramparts, Devizes Castle offers a tranquil retreat with picturesque views. The rear garden features herbaceous borders, water features, and lush lawns, while stone archways and gateways add to its charm. The castle’s roses are a particular highlight, adding to its allure.

Although currently used as a private residence with no public access, Devizes Castle remains a prominent landmark in the town, visible from several locations. Its historical significance, combined with its architectural beauty and modern comforts, makes it a unique and sought-after property for those looking to own a piece of English history.

As for Catherine of Aragon, she is remembered as a significant historical figure known for her marriage to King Henry VIII and her role in the English Reformation. Despite the tumultuous circumstances surrounding her marriage and subsequent annulment, Catherine’s steadfastness and devotion to her beliefs have left a lasting legacy in English history.

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