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Crooked House Pub To Be Rebuilt

The Crooked House, known as Britain’s wonkiest pub, faced a tragic fate on August 5, 2023, when it succumbed to a suspected arson attack. Just two days later, the historic building was demolished, sparking outrage and concern from the local community and authorities alike.

Rebuilding Amidst Adversity:

  1. Enforcement Notice: In response to the unlawful demolition, South Staffordshire Council issued an enforcement notice against the owners, compelling them to rebuild the iconic pub. The notice specifies a 30-day window for appeal and mandates compliance within three years.
  2. Community Support: Leader of South Staffordshire Council, Roger Lees, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from the community, local representatives, and campaign groups advocating for the pub’s restoration. The shared objective is to see the Crooked House restored to its former glory.
  3. Legal Ramifications: Failure to appeal or comply with the enforcement notice could result in prosecution by the council. This underscores the seriousness with which the authorities are approaching the issue and their commitment to ensuring justice for the beloved pub.

Heritage and Legacy:

  1. Mining Subsidence: The Crooked House, dating back to the 18th century, earned its quirky nickname due to sinking into the ground caused by mining subsidence. Despite its precarious lean, it became a cherished landmark, offering patrons a unique and memorable pub experience.
  2. Symbol of Resilience: The pub’s Facebook post following the fire lamented the loss of years of hard work and heritage, emphasizing the devastating impact of the incident. However, the community’s resolve to rebuild reflects a spirit of resilience and determination to preserve its cultural legacy.

Community Response:

  1. Optimism and Support: Social media reactions to the news of the pub’s rebuilding have been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing optimism for its future. Calls for active patronage and support underscore the importance of community involvement in revitalizing the Crooked House.
  2. Vandalism Condemned: The swift and decisive action taken by authorities to address the unlawful demolition has been widely applauded. Holding the owners accountable and ensuring the restoration of the pub is seen as a victory for heritage preservation and justice.

As plans to rebuild the Crooked House take shape, it serves as a symbol of resilience and community spirit in the face of adversity. With unwavering support from the local community and authorities, the iconic pub is poised to rise from the ashes, reclaiming its rightful place as a beloved cultural landmark.

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