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500 Year Old Well Found Under Living Room In Plymouth

In a remarkable discovery, Colin Steer, a resident of Plymouth, Devon, stumbled upon a centuries-old secret hidden beneath his living room floor – a 500-year-old well. What began as a routine home renovation project turned into an extraordinary archaeological journey, uncovering artifacts and insights into the past.

Discovery of the Well:

While redecorating his home, Colin noticed a slight depression in the floor, which piqued his curiosity. Upon investigation, he discovered the well buried beneath the foundations of his house, nearly 17 feet deep. Over the course of a decade, Colin dedicated himself to excavating the well, unraveling its mysteries and unearthing artifacts from centuries past.

Historical Significance:

The discovery of the well sheds light on the domestic life of past inhabitants, offering glimpses into their daily routines and practices. Wells like these were vital sources of water in medieval times, providing access to groundwater for drinking, cooking, and other essential needs. While external wells were susceptible to contamination, internal wells, like the one found by Colin, offered a safer and more secure water source.

Artifacts and Treasures:

Inside the well, alongside its ancient waters, Colin uncovered a surprising array of artifacts, including an ancient sword and a coin dating back to 1725. These finds offer tantalizing clues about the well’s history and the people who once inhabited the area. The sword, a symbol of power and warfare throughout history, speaks to the tumultuous times in which it was wielded, while the coin provides a glimpse into the economic landscape of the 18th century.

Preservation and Safety:

While the discovery of a medieval well is undoubtedly exciting, experts caution against amateur excavation due to safety risks and the potential for damage to historical artifacts. Professional archaeologists advocate for careful excavation and preservation techniques to ensure the integrity of such finds. Wells, like other archaeological sites, require meticulous recording and documentation to fully understand their historical significance.

The 500-year-old well discovered beneath Colin Steer’s home serves as a poignant reminder of the rich history hidden beneath our feet. From ancient artifacts to insights into daily life centuries ago, each discovery offers a glimpse into the past and a deeper appreciation for the complexities of history. As we marvel at these remnants of bygone eras, let us also commit to preserving and protecting them for future generations to uncover and explore.

Location of the Well: The well lies beneath Colin Steer’s home in Plymouth, Devon, a testament to the enduring presence of history in everyday places.

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